Bilt-Rite History

Our History

Bilt Rite Buildings, a division of Sentinel Industries Inc., had its humble beginnings when in August of 1956 F.E. Farris, C.W. Farris and K.W. Farris formed a partnership to manufacture and distribute pressure treated wood to dealers in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa from Ashland, MO.  In April of 1957 this partnership formed a corporation that came into being as Sentinel Wood Treating Company, Inc.  This period from 1957 to 1965 saw rapid growth and expansion for the company.


Bilt Rite Farm Structures was formed in November of 1965 for the sales and erection of pole type farm buildings.  Sentinel Wood Treating Co., Inc. became the major supplier of materials for these buildings and remains so today.  Because of this unique supplier-builder relationship the building costs have remained at a very competitive level over the years.  The first few buildings were put up by Sentinel yard employees on evenings and weekends.  Soon it became evident that a full time building crew was needed to keep up with the demand.  Over the years, as building experience increased, Bilt Rite recognized that a wide range of building designs could be accomplished at a low cost and began offering these designs to it’s customers.  Soon the demand became so great that a full time management staff, sales people and more bulding crews were needed to fulfull customer needs.


In 1973 Bilt Rite Farm Structures joined with other builders from the Midwest to form an association that would unify them as one voice and help them with technical issues and building codes.  This newly created organization, National Frame Builders Association (NFBA) made up of builders, suppliers and design professionals gave Bilt Rite Buildings the opportunity to share ideas and common problems- leading to solutions that greatly benefited our customers.  Bilt Rite has been an active member of the NFBA and has even had representatives serve on their Board of Directors.  Today the NFBA has approximately 1000 members from all over the U.S. and is the ” voice of the post frame industry.”


In 1986 Bilt Rite Farm Structures changed its name to Bilt Rite Buildings to more accurately reflect it’s customer base.  Farm buildings had become a small part of the buildings that were being put up.


Today Bilt Rite Buildings can offer a wide variety of services to assist their customers in constructing a building of their dreams and needs.  From the drawing board, to their knowledge of building codes, to the construction of the building, the Bilt Rite sales professionals can guide their customer every step of the way.  Bilt Rite’s management staff has always been very customer satisfaction oriented and has a long line of proud building owners to prove it.